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> What I found one of the key factor behind active communities particularly
>> Tamil and Malayalam, is the support of Government for the initiative.  This
>> could be a priority area for  other Wikipedias as well.
> According to my knowledge, World Classical Tamil Conference 
> 2010<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Classical_Tamil_Conference_2010>was 
> the only time Tamil wikipedians and --cut--
More important is, to grow Indic wikipedias some community members need to
> take some extra effort.
> Thanks for the clarifications. Agree with your above recommendation.

>  But unfortunately, the community could not be strengthened due to various
>> issues like access to Internet. computing platform, issues with rendering
>> and input methods and we ended up with stub articles remaining in the same
>> state.
> That is the case in all Indic wikis which used bots to increase the number
> of articles. According to me strength of the community also should grow as
> the number of articles grows. If we focus on community growth, articles
> numbers will grow as a natural outcome of that. As we already saw it will
> not happen the other way round for Indic wikipedias. As one editor pointed
> out in discussions, *Users will be attached to a wiki only if they feel
> proud about it*. So it is important that we should plan some programs to
> retain existing users and attract more new users to Indic wikis. We need to
> have some programs to bring back our old editors also.
> Bringing back old editors could be more difficult than bringing new
editors. I talked to few experienced but currently dormant editors on
Telugu Wiki and was  not successful.

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