Hi all,

ar:User:OsamaK had developed a pywikipedia based bot to collect daily
stats[1] and has been running for over 2 years. I had just "translated" it
and started running for Tamil wikipedia here[2]. I am now looking
ApiSandbox[3][4] to build queries which will get more data(Bot activity,
number of users with atleast 1 edit on the day,anon edits etc) which might
be useful to log and keep track on daily basis.let me know if some other
parameter might be useful to collect.

Feel free to run this on your Indic wiki project and observe the numbers :)
This can help notice sudden spikes on any parameter on day-day basis and
help relate to some event (outreach / real world events)

Thanks to Osama for the base code, the english version of which is
available here[5]. Please feel free to fork and and add to it :)

[1] http://ar.wikipedia.org/wiki/مستخدم:OsamaK/إحصاءات/ديسمبر_2011
[2] http://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Statistics/December_2011
[3] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:ApiSandbox
[4] http://ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:ApiSandbox
[5] https://gist.github.com/b37a1d07888597f7c9ac


PS : This entire thing was a by-product of Bala's Doha visit when he
interacted with Osama in the Arabic wiki convention and got to know of
this. Apparently Bala learnt this from Osama and he learnt about wmf grant
process from Bala :)
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