Awesome person I met at the Kovai Geeks Mediawiki workshop a while
ago. Her reason for donating :) Thought I could share.

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From: ichu ramesh <>
Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Donation to Wikimedia Foundation

For the past one and a half months, I am with the MediaWiki. I try
solving bugs, I used to learn, collect information, talk to people in
Wikimedia and I be with Mediawiki for about 10 hours everyday.I used
to read the appeals form Wikipedia authors about the donation.
Everyday i used to read and close it. I did not contribute anything
from my part. Few minutes back while working, something made me to
think why I still haven't done anything to Wikimedia Foundation even
though I am so much interested in this. Next minute I clicked the
donation amount of Rs. 500 and contributed to Wikimedia Foundation. We
spend so much each and everyday, why don't we contribute something to
Wikimedia when we gain something useful from it. Think about it and do
your part :-)

Iswariya Ramesh.

Yuvi Panda T

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