*DNA : "Wikimedia Commons to feature more of Ahmedabad"*


*Members of Wikipedia's Wikimedia Commons (a repository of free images,
sound and other multimedia files which may be used in other projects on the
Wikimedia servers) will move around in Ahmedabad on January 3 from 8.30am
to 1pm clicking pictures of prominent places of the city and will upload
them on the internet through Creative Commons Licenses.*
*Explaining this, treasurer, Wikimedia India, Anirudh Bhati, informed that
under the aegis of this license, pictorial facts about the city will be
available to users free of cost. "The license is called, 'Creative Commons
Attribution - Sharealike License' and under this licensing certificate, we
can release to media in a manner that can be used for commercial and
non-commercial purposes without any royalty. Even now people make use of
pictures without paying royalty, but that is unethical", Bhati said.*
*Currently, pictures and matter available online are copyright of authors.
However, this licence will help end users to download pictures and also
modify them as per their requirements, without explicit permission of the
authors, Bhati said.*
*"By the release of creative works, free of cost, we are trying to create
culture and environment which is free."*
*"For this purpose, on January 3, nearly 230 people will gather outside
Gandhi Ashram. We will divide the group into four teams and will coordinate
accordingly. These pictures will then be uploaded in Wikimedia Commons and
will be made available to all Wikipedias", Bhati informed. Noopur
Raval,another member of Wikimedia India, said: "This will help us
place Ahmedabad
city on the global world."*

Tinu Cherian

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