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From: Oliver Keyes <oke...@wikimedia.org>
Date: 2 January 2012 10:26
Subject: [Foundation-l] Article Feedback Tool Office Hours - 6 January,
19:00 UTC, #wikimedia-office
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Hey guys

Just a note to advertise the Article Feedback Tool 5 development
team's next office hours, which will be held in #wikimedia-office at
19:00 UTC this coming Friday. We'll be discussing quite a few
important or otherwise interesting things, including:

*Final selection of a feedback design;
*An upcoming RfC on what classes of user can use what features;
*And some initial peeks at what the feedback page itself will look like.

Hope to see you all there! If you can't make it, drop me a note
off-list and I'm happy to forward you the logs when it's over. I'll be
staying in the chan until 23:00 UTC to deal with any questions from
latecomers, so pop in if you have any questions and a free moment.


Oliver Keyes
Community Liaison, Product Development
Wikimedia Foundation

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