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> Hi ,
> In case you haven't seen this :  Wikimedia Traffic Analysis Reports
> *Wikipedia Page Views Per Country* - Overview
> http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikimedia/squids/SquidReportPageViewsPerCountryOverview.htm
> Only 1.9 % of traffic for Wikimedia Projects is from India.  ( 13th
> position)
> *Page Views Per Wikipedia Language*
> http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikimedia/squids/SquidReportPageViewsPerLanguageBreakdown.htm
> From India :
> --cut--
Glad to see part of the  stats that I have been waiting for quite some
time. The # of unique visitors from India is the other part that I hope
will be included soon.

Interesting  to see that Marathi tops followed by Hindi, Telugu and
Kannada.  I found a good % for Kannada coming from China equal to US, which
seems a bit unusal.  Probably the general distribution for languages,
also  reflects the distribution of the Indian language speaking diaspora
across the world.

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