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> list and off the list. Wikipedia so't wholely reliant on FOSS, and
> will never be. I don't mean to offend anyone but this is it. Please
> comment.

Wikipedia relies on three kinds of openness.

1. The technical openness that makes the platform possible. Mediawiki is FOSS.
2. The openness of content that makes participatory content creation
possible. CC-BY-SA is one of the two definitive 'open' licenses.
3. The collaboration that is core to Wikipedia is an attribute of most
FOSS projects.

Wikipedia isn't FOSS but it certainly is FOS, at the very least. And
it's important to remember that Wikipedia does not and cannot exist in
a vacuum.

So for the love of Wikipedia, can you guys please stop sniping about
what is and what is not FOSS.

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