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> > list and off the list. Wikipedia so't wholely reliant on FOSS, and
> > will never be. I don't mean to offend anyone but this is it. Please
> > comment.
> Wikipedia relies on three kinds of openness.
> 1. The technical openness that makes the platform possible. Mediawiki is
> 2. The openness of content that makes participatory content creation
> possible. CC-BY-SA is one of the two definitive 'open' licenses.
> 3. The collaboration that is core to Wikipedia is an attribute of most
> FOSS projects.
> Wikipedia isn't FOSS but it certainly is FOS, at the very least. And
> it's important to remember that Wikipedia does not and cannot exist in
> a vacuum.
> So for the love of Wikipedia, can you guys please stop sniping about
> what is and what is not FOSS.
Pointing an old relevant article by Jimmy


"[It is not] possible to distinguish between 'numerical' and 'nonnumerical'
algorithms, as if numbers were somehow different from other kinds of
precise information." - Donald Knuth
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