Congratulations Assamese Wikipedians!  This is a wonderful achievement.

It's really inspiring to see a small community like the Assamese community 
starting to discuss and plan community communication / collaboration and 
outreach events 

Request and invite all Assamese community members and all who love Assamese to 
engage in the above discussion on the village pump.
All the very best for your next milestone.  It'll happen much sooner than the 
earlier ones, I'm so very sure!

Congrats, once again!


On Jan 9, 2012, at 9:21 AM, Shiju Alex wrote:

> Dear All,
> Assamese wikipedia has crossed the 1000 article milestone yesterday (2012 
> January 7). Congrats to all Assamese wikipedians who contributed to this. 
> Started in 2002 June 2, Assamese wikipedia is the first Indic Language 
> wikipedia. Assamese wikipedia will celebrate its 10th Anniversery this year 
> June. 
> I remember last year this time Assamese wikipedia was having just 300 
> articles and just one highly active user. The excellent efforts put forward 
> by some of the senior community members using various social networking sites 
> are helping Assamese wikipedia to grow its community. Now it crossed 1000 
> article milestone and has more than 10 high active users. Hope community will 
> be able to add more members to its crew this year. 
> Shiju
> Consultant, WMF India Programs
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