Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you all few things that I'm currently working on and I'd 
love to get your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, questions and most importantly 

Supporting Outreach
I started working on this sometime in December by talking to some community 
members and understanding how they have been conducting outreach session, what 
they think about outreach, how can we make it more effective etc etc. I got 
varied comments with some talking positively about outreach while some thought 
that outreach was not  helpful.  Im in the process of collating all comments & 
suggestions I got during my conversations with community members and including 
them with some of my own views as to how can we make outreach sessions more 
effective. This includes building presentations, brochures, FAQs, tips, ideas 
on how can we provide the appropriate kind of training on Wikipedia, how can we 
make sessions more fun for the participants, how can we follow up with the 
participants, how can we measure the effectiveness of  these sessions etc. 

The objective is to build a handbook that is inclusive of all ideas and 
standardized documents that one could use to conduct outreach session anywhere 
in India. We want to facilitate community members efforts wanting to conduct 
wiki workshops and motivate others to conduct similar sessions. Initially, 
these documents will be in English - but can be translated to Indic languages 
subsequently.  I'd want to work closely with the Chapter to conduct WIki 
Academies with other community members to conduct these workshops. 

Here is the link to the 
 Ashwin, Naveen, Srikanth L, Srikanth R, Suyog, Pradeep, Subhashish have 
contributed to this document by giving me ideas or helping me build 
standardized documents. I'd like really like to thank each one of them to help 
me work on this handbook and make it what it is today. I'd encourage all of you 
to please feel free to edit, expand, improve and suggest. 

Testing Outreach
I want to test wether all the ideas such as what kind of pre-work an outreach 
needs, repository of documents, follow up ideas, and all the other suggestions 
that are collated in this Outreach Handbook are effective or not. The best way 
of testing this would be conducting outreach programs following these 
suggestions and measuring their effectiveness. I have reached out to several 
institutes in Delhi with the idea of conducting Wiki sessions at their 
institutes. To name a few: I have written to 9 different department heads at 
IIT Delhi including biochemical, management science, civil, chemistry 
engineering departments, National Institute of Fashion Technology, St.Stevens 
College,  Lady Shir Ram College, Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology etc. I 
have already heard positively from some institutes and I'll keep you updated as 
and when things become a little clearer. 

Even if we're able to conduct 4 of these sessions in Delhi over the next month 
it will give us a good testing ground for this Outreach Handbook. The idea is 
to measure results of these 4 sessions in terms of no. of total participants, 
no. of participants who created usernames, no. of participants who started 
editing, keeping in touch with the participants over a period of time and 
evaluating no. of participants who continued editing over a period of 3 months 
- measure and share this data with you all. 

Since the community size is small in Delhi,  I plan to conduct these sessions 
with the help of Shiju, Subha and any interested local community members. I 
request any other local community members who are interested to let me know if 
they can join in these outreach sessions.  (I have already started reaching out 
individually to as many as are listed on: 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:New_Delhi_Wikipedians on their talk pages 
to invite them to the planned meet up in Delhi on Jan 15th.  

With regards to outside Delhi, I am realising that it does take time and effort 
to identify potential places to do outreach - and this is one reason some 
community members do not do outreach.  I would love to help out other cities as 
well, and I am going to approach  local communities in Mumbai, Bangalore, 
Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and  Pune in this regard.

Institutional Partnership
One of the other things I'm currently working on is how to build partnerships 
with like-minded organisation.  For this - and with Noopur's help - I am 
exploring how to partner  with SPIC MACAY (www.spicmacay.com).  The main 
objective of this organisation is to preserve and promote Indian classical 
music, dance and cultural heritage. SPIC MACAY is also a volunteer based 
organization with chapters spread all over the country and some in other 
foreign countries as well. They conduct events where they have prominent Indian 
classical artists (vocalists, instrument players, dancers etc) perform, they 
conduct heritage walks to old monuments like Galib ka Ghar etc, they have a 
resource center where they have a lot of information about Indian artists, 
videos/pictures clicked by volunteers, they also have a weekly newsletter etc. 
To summarize, they have gold pot of information about Indian classical 
musicians, instruments, dancers which can contribute to Wikipedia articles in a 
big way and increasing more Indian content. Thanks for all your help on this 
one, Noopur.  Fingers crossed!

I see two potential ways of working with them one would be to organize wiki 
workshop for their volunteers and they can start contributing to Wiki projects 
and become independent contributors. The other could be that they can provide 
us with all their resources and Wikipedia volunteers can take over 
collaborative editing to write articles on these topics. We're just doing 
preliminary discussions with SPIC MACAY as for now. I'm planning to meet with 
SPIC MACAY volunteers again sometime soon. Here is the presentation that I'll 
be using: 
 Im sharing this presentation so that you can give me your feedback on this as 
well as if you'd like to use/reuse it to reach out to similar institutes in 
your cities. 

Wikipedia 11 Years Celebrations
We are organizing a Wikimedia Commons workshop for a photography club named 
Tassavurrati in Delhi on the day of Wiki 11th Anniversary. The  club members 
travel through the length and breadth of India and are very passionate to 
contribute to Wiki projects. The idea is to brief all the participants about 
Wikimedia Commons, how to upload pictures and a bit about licensing. Noopur is 
also helping us organise this session. And maybe as a follow up we can conduct 
Wikipedia takes Delhi with these set of participants. Post this session we've 
organised a meet up in Delhi where these club members are also invited to join 
us. Here is a link to the event: 

I would love to know what you think of all the above work. It's really 
essential for me to hear each one of your opinions to make sure that Im serving 
you all in the most effective and useful manner. 

Waiting for your comments and inputs.  :-)

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