Minutes of Wikipedia Mumbai Meetup 14:

Coincidentally, 14 people attended the 14th Mumbai Meetup held at Coffee Bean 
and Tea Leaf, Bandra earlier today :)

Wikipedia Takes Mumbai 2

Nikita and Karthik mentioned that they have been in touch with some 
professional photographers who sounded interested in joining in, tentatively on 
21 January 2012. Netra said that HT are planning a photowalk on 28 January 2012 
as part of their "No TV Day" campaign in association with a local photographer 
group (whom Mehul had suggested we involve and Nikita has been in touch with). 
Netra suggested it may be a good idea to try and tie-up with HT - we will be 
contacting them to see if we can work something out. 

Vishal mentioned that Saturday would be a working day for him and he would not 
be able to make it. Vickram mentioned that any day some people would have a 
problem with, we cannot keep everyone happy.

Wikimania 2013

Ansuman, Nikita, Karthik and Krutika were strongly in favour of making a bid 
for Wikimania 2013, Mumbai. Mehul said he would be able to help out with the 
internet but not much more. Pradeep, Vickram and myself were not so sure. After 
the WCI experience we felt that a lot more commitment and focus was required 
from the community since bidding for Wikimania is like bidding for the 
Olympics, if we botch up, we put the country to shame. Rohini pointed out that 
another city like (Delhi) or Bangalore could bid. I mentioned that I had 
brought the topic up with community members across the country and there was 
consensus that no city is ready to take on something the scale of a Wikimedia 
as we currently stand.

Pradeep suggested that we should work at the grassroot levels instead, aiming 
at holding regular events locally for the next year, think of 2014 
realistically and involving more people - starting with the photowalk. Everyone 
agreed to this.

GLAM Initiative

The meeting was given an update of the work done locally with GLAM and that the 
Department of Archives had been approached and a formal proposal needed to be 
presented. It was resolved to work on such a proposal and if needed hold a 
dedicated meetup for the same.

Celebration and Acknowledgement

We celebrated Wikipedia turns 11 with refreshments and cake. The refreshments 
were sponsored by Mumbai Community member Kundan Amitabh and the cake was 
sponsored by another Mumbai Community member, Pradeep Mohandas. The community 
thanks both Kundan and Pradeep for their large hearted gesture.

Revival of Kashmiri Wikipedia

Ansuman mentioned that he is interested in reviving the Kashmiri incubator and 
has spoken to a few friends who are interested as well. He spoke of how the 
entire community including himself had to leave their homeland overnight 2 
decades ago and are now in danger of loosing their unique cultural identity, 
being far away from their homeland and Kashmiri Wikipedia could be a way of 
rejuvenating that identity and keeping it alive.

The meeting was filled with enthusiastic discussions and lasted 3 and a half 
hours, wrapping up at 6.30pm. It was good to see people who had not been part 
of the community until WCI 2011 like Ansuman, Nikita, Karthik and Krutika come 
and attend the meetup and bring a breath of fresh air.

Kind Regards,

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