Dear all,

Let me give you a brief update on things we did in Delhi to celebrate
Wikipedia's 11th birthday :)

To start with in the morning, Nitika had connected us with a photography
group called Tassavurati run by Kapil Syal. Shiju, Subha and I went to meet
them (12 of them) and made a small presentation on Commons. They were all
very enthusiastic and wanted to share their images for free and thought
this was a great platform for them. They plan for specific trips like
covering Surajkund mela and marathons etc and could be useful. Some of them
have already made an account and started tinkering around :) (

Back in the office, we had 12 people again! Since most of them were new or
people with basic knowledge, Hisham was updating them on the variety of new
programs that Wikimedia is doing in India. There was a student from IIT and
another from Jamia. Both have expressed interest in organizing meetups,
editathons and maybe a hackathon for their college LUGs. We hope to hear
from them by next week and do something concrete before this month ends.
There were also people from advanced research organizations and such. They
have expressed interest in helping expand and network to build a strong
community in Delhi. Mitra (User: MittyKomon) is a new editor who expressed
interest in going to Jaipur literary festival and perhaps doing some
outreach or at least getting photographs of all the celebrated literary
figures coming there.

We cut the super cool Wiki cake :P and took pictures. I loved the Google
hangout bit, we should all do it more often (it's better than IRC logs :P)

As Delhi SIG  chair, it was heartening to see genuine interest and we hope
to maintain this level of communication.
The photos have been uploaded to Category:Wikipedia_11_in_India.
Thank you,

Noopur Raval
Arts and Aesthetics
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Ph: 9650567690
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