Before writing such a scathing email criticizing an administrator (which is me) 
who allegedly made this statement, perhaps you should have verified it with me 

I was making a reference to Wikiproject Gujarat on the English Wikipedia, which 
has run out of contributors.  You can independently confirm it with the others 
who were present at the meet up.

I encouraged the rest of the participants to contribute to guwp.

It's shameful that you are drawn to make personal attacks on a public platform 
without checking your facts in the first place.

And I'll really appreciate if you drop the polemics.



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On 17-Jan-2012, at 4:30 AM, "Dhaval S. Vyas" <dsv...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have come to know a surprising fact that in the Wiki meetup recently held 
> in Ahmedabad, while discussing about Gujarati Wikipedia, one of the 
> administrators conveyed that Gujarati project is almost inactive or dead (in 
> gujarati  વિકિપીડિયા ગુજરાતી પ્રોજેક્ટ લગભગ બંધ છે.).
> This is very shameful for anybody to convey wrong message. If one is not 
> aware of the project activity, despite of presentation made by one of the 
> Gujarati Wikipedian in WikiConference India and from the site 
> statistics/traffic report shared with all Indian WIki Language wikipedia by 
> Wikimedia Foundation's India chapter (Shiju Alex recently shared this), they 
> should have accepted their lack of knowledge and conveyed that they are not 
> aware of what's happening with Gujarati Wikipedia or they are ignorant of its 
> state. It is damaging for the growing community that in such vital events 
> people convey wrong message to the masses.
> I hope some of the attendess of the meetup would read this and correct their 
> mistake by spreading the word of Gujarati WIkipedia and its current state in 
> successive meetups as their moral duty to pay back the debt.
> This email is not at all intended to hurt anyone, but just to make everyone 
> aware that there has never been a single day, including Gujarati New Year day 
> or Uttarayan, when gu.wiki would have fewer than 50 edits. What else could be 
> an indication of how active this project is? We have almost 22,000 pages on 
> gu.wiki. If anyone need full statistics, please contact me and I will be more 
> than happy to share the same.
> Regards,
> Dhaval
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