Dear all,

Let me give you a brief update on things we did in Ahmedabad Meet Up to
celebrate Wikipedia's 11th birthday.

*Our Main Agenda:*

   1.          Celebrating Wikipedia 11th Birthday
   2.          Spreading awareness of Wikipedia in Gujarat/Ahmedabad
   3.         Introducing Wikipedia project Gujarat to the Ahmedabad

On *11th Birthday of Wikipedia* Ahmedabad Wikimedia Community organize the
Ahmedabad Second Meetup at Gandhi Ashram (Sabarmati Ashram). The meet up
was organized by Anirudh Bhati & Abhishek Joshi.

 Due to the Sankrant festival a very few wikipedian’s turned out in the
meet up so we met with few community members (Parag Patel, Konark Ratnakar
and Nakul Chugan). As we were *5 members* we had gone to nearest restaurant
for the celebration.

Anirudh started with giving a presentation on Wikipedia Project India and
Wikipedia Project Gujarat.

He further mentioned the role they would play to bridge the gap between
people who have the freedom to edit Wikipedia and those who actually do

so. He encouraged them to join one of the finest groups of people in the
world - Wikipedians. He outlined the sequence of events, the training they
would receive. He said that due to the need to start off the program right
away, the program would begin with those aspirants who already had the
skills being looked for especially the knowledge of the Wikipedia world.

Our main focus is on Wikipedia Project Gujarat and on improving the
articles and spreading awareness of Wikipedia over Gujarat region. The
aspirants responded with interest and a lot of questions.

After some discussion we have celebrated the Wikipedia’s 11th Birthday by
cutting the beautiful chocolate flavoured cake.

This meetup was quite productive and the Ahmedabad community took the
contact details of all participants, promising to get back to them soon
with different meet ups.

Below are the links of Ahmedabad Meet up Details and Photographs of the
*Ahmedabad Meetup-2



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