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> Hello everyone,
> Just to let you know that Bengali Wikipedia [1] has placed a banner on
> their site notice protesting SOPA and PIPA. Maybe other Indic language
> Wikipedias can take similar initiatives or maybe they have taken one
> already? If so, share with us!

Great! Tamil Wikipedia is discussing a similar proposal to but sitenotice

> In the mean time, I have an translation request for you. Maybe you have
> read Sue's letter [2] to the community about the blackout. I invite you all
> to translate that letter in your language. Since we have little time (less
> than 17 hours), we need be prompt. See the translation request on Meta-Wiki
> [3] and start your translation.

IMHO Practically, its too late for translations.

> Get yourself up and let your people know in your language!

This is more important. Please write SOPA article in your language. Tamil
has a Wikipedia article on SOPA[1] and Wikinews article on the English
Wikipedia blackout against SOPA[2].

[1] http://tawp.in/r/2ygn

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