Correcting some typos in the previous mail.
Instead of "Jnyan Prabodhini" it is  "Jnana Prabodhini".

Official website of the school is http://prashala.jnanaprabodhini.org/
And wikipage of Jnana Prabodhini organisation is here:


On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 1:42 AM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar
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> Hi Everyone,
> *Update on Wiki11 Pune Meet up:*
> On behalf of Pune Community and Pune chapter, we celebrated the 11th
> Anniversary of Wikipedia and the 1st Anniversary of India Chapter at
> Jnyan Prabodhini, Pune. We started the session with the introduction
> by Chapter Marathi SIG (Special Interest Group) followed by Chapter
> briefing by EC Member Sudhanwa Jogalekar. Pune SIG lead Mandar
> Kulkarni shared a presentation of Marathi Wikipedia which included the
> history and the journey of Marathi Wikipedia. The presentation also
> explained the common mistakes made by users during editing. The
> details statistics of no. of pages, no. of users, no. of articles
> since last 6 years and where we stand now was explained in details.
> Being Makar Sankranti, as per the Indian tradition we gave Til Gul
> (sweets made of sesame & jaggery) to all the participants including
> the refreshments. (Please note that for next many decades, Makar
> Sankranti is going to be on 15th January only and we will have same
> opportunity to celebrate the Wikipedia Anniversary on the day of Makar
> Sakranti.)
> The next session was handled by senior editors of Wikipedia by
> coaching the members in actual wiki academy in the lab. All the new
> users created their login accounts and started editing in the
> articles. This was very interesting as many members were new to this
> would and finding some challenges in tying in Marathi. Some of the
> members created new articles and also linked them to English
> Wikipedia. Overall, it was a great learning experience for all of us.
> *Next Steps:*
> 1.  In the coming months, we have planned number of wiki academies in
> English and in Marathi at various places all over Pune.
> 2. We are also proposing to have one interesting session during our
> monthly meet on every 2nd Saturday.
> Best regards,
> Mandar Kulkarni and other Wikipuneris.
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web: www.sudhanwa.com  blog: www.sudhanwa.in
Twitter: sudhanwa Check on FB, Linkedin for more.

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