Hello everyone,

On 24th January 2012, a small meetup was organized in L.D. College of
Engineering Ahmedabad, I thank Kothari Harsh and Shah Smit from the college
to organize this on such short notice (less than 24 hours). After the
successful photo walk and a small Wiki 11 celebration, I thought this would
help out in sustaining a community there too.

The meetup was attended by 7 people in total, I gave them a small
presentation of Wikipedia and idea of how exactly the community works and
what does a community do. I also shared my experiences as a CA in IEP and
as an editor on EN and GU WP too for past 1 year.

After the presentation we had a good discussion on how they can help
building a strong community from Gujarat, Kartik Mistry shared his
experiences of working collaboratively in FOSS and Debian Community. He
blogged <http://kartikm.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/meeting-with-arnav/> about
this meetup too.

I also showed them Gujarat
Extension:Narayam which needs help, Kartik has agreed to help us in
this. Thanks.

I also showed them the list of places of interest in Ahmedabad which could
be developed as articles User:AhsLin/Ahmedabad, which Ashwin created and
asked them to start helping out in this too.

I request everyone from the community and WMF to help them as and when
required, and lets have one strong community from Gujarat too.


Arnav (ricku).
(User:Rangilo_Gujarati) <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Rangilo_Gujarati>
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