Great report! Sounds like a wonderful event with good advocacy on the
question of maintaining respect for basic freedoms of citizens when
governments take security concerns a bit too far.

Warmest wishes from sunny San Francisco.


On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Sudhanwa Jogalekar <
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> Hi,
> On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 9:54 PM, Anshuman Fotedar <
>> wrote:
>> Greetings!  This is a short note on Wikipedia Takes Mumbai II.  Forty
>> people turned up near the Oval Maidan at Churchgate at 8 am yesterday. The
>> landmarks that were photographed included the Babulnath Temple, Nehru
>> Science Centre, Opera House, St Thomas Cathedral, INS Vikrant and Yazdani
>> Bakery. After the photos had been clicked many of the participants
>> proceeded to Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR where they were
>> shown how to upload to Commons using both the usual upload process and by
>> using the mediawiki-uploader mass upload script.
>> Nikita Belavate and Karthik Nadar put in a lot of work into the event.
>> They helped many people contribute to the Commons while having a good time,
>> and they deserve praise for making all of this happen.
>> Our heartfelt gratitude to Pranav Curumsey, Vickram Crishna, Dr
>> Nagarjuna, Noopur Raval and Moksh Juneja for all the help and mentoring.
>> Thanks to Shrinivasan T for mediawiki-uploader :) And apologies if I missed
>> anyone out.
>> Do visit our maintenance category 
>> WTM<>,
>> specially created for the event. 313 pictures have been uploaded so far.
> Fantastic !!!
> I was not there in this photography event. However, getting inspiration
> from these pictures, I have uploaded some of the pictures I have taken
> during WCI. These include some night pictures from Marine Drive and the
> beautiful glass pane in the ocnvocation hall. Hope you will like them. I
> will add a few more later on. You can find it here:
> Will love to see more images from WTM.
> Best regards
> -Sudhanwa
> ps: Usually, we are supposed to ask for permission of sensitive places
> like temples, corporate houses etc. Even though it may be legally possible,
> usually, photography is not permitted/done in such places. A balance of
> "wasting a lot of time and energy (and equipment) with the cops and
> security people" and "a few pictures" is to be achieved.
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