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> I'd like to add that your efforts are working, though the data I have is a
> bit imperfect and has some reliability issues.  I measured the share of
> total edits to all Wikipedia projects from India in July 2010 (in
> preparation for my first trip to India in September 2010). The share was
> 1.3% of total. Our most recent analysis shows we have grown to 1.7% of
> edits. That is a 31% increase in share.  It is even more impressive to note
> that this implies that total edits from India increased by 42.5% in a time
> period when edits worldwide increased 9%.

Don't these numbers have a margin of error? like +/- 1%?

I ask because you yourself start out, that the data is imperfect and has
reliability issues. Even under that assumption, the increase would be from
1.3% to 1.7%, an increase of 0.4% considering variables like
Wikiconference, IEP, India offices and political situation that brought a
limelight on the projects. That doesn't sound that inspiring, I hope we can
do better, I know we can.

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