To address Harriet's query, any building where sufficiently rich people
live or work may be considered a place where officious security will try
and discourage photography. Legality of interference is only a time-waster,
as the security personnel will be very unlikely to be aware of applicable
law, and in any case are only following orders.

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 9:06 AM, Ashwin Baindur <>wrote:

> How wonderful, I do wish I was there. You guys have done a great job. My
> personal congrats to each of the participants.
> Do we have a master list for articles about Mumbai? Does one need to be
> made?
> Well begun is half done. Please remember that with all this raw material
> (images), you now have to make cakes & pastries (i.e. better-illustrated
> articles & newly-made stubs).
> So the process of cooking must now start.
> Just to remind every-one once again, :)
> We need to :
> * categorise the images.
> * add the images to articles, where possible.
> * create stubs where necessary and add images to them.
> Congratulations once again Mumbai community, but don't halt just yet,
> complete the cycle & see Mumbai represented much better in Wikipedia.
> Bumping this to the Wikiproject India mailing list also.
> Warm regards,
> Ashwin Baindur
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> From: Anshuman Fotedar <>
> Date: Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 9:54 PM
> Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Report on Wikipedia Takes Mumbai II
> To: Wikimedia India Community list <>,
> "Mailing list for Wikimedians / Wikipedians in & from Mumbai , India." <
> Greetings!  This is a short note on Wikipedia Takes Mumbai II.  Forty
> people turned up near the Oval Maidan at Churchgate at 8 am yesterday. The
> landmarks that were photographed included the Babulnath Temple, Nehru
> Science Centre, Opera House, St Thomas Cathedral, INS Vikrant and Yazdani
> Bakery. After the photos had been clicked many of the participants
> proceeded to Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR where they were
> shown how to upload to Commons using both the usual upload process and by
> using the mediawiki-uploader mass upload script.
> Nikita Belavate and Karthik Nadar put in a lot of work into the event.
> They helped many people contribute to the Commons while having a good time,
> and they deserve praise for making all of this happen.
> Our heartfelt gratitude to Pranav Curumsey, Vickram Crishna, Dr
> Nagarjuna, Noopur Raval and Moksh Juneja for all the help and mentoring.
> Thanks to Shrinivasan T for mediawiki-uploader :) And apologies if I missed
> anyone out.
> Do visit our maintenance category 
> WTM<>,
> specially created for the event. 313 pictures have been uploaded so far.
> Sincerely
> Anshuman Fotedar
> PS:
> 1.
> During the photowalk, some of the participants who were taking pictures of
> Bombay House were interrupted by private security personnel and asked to
> handover their cameras so that the pictures could be removed. Pranav
> and Aditya Sengupta, who were among them, peacefully put forth the fact
> that they were not not breaking any laws by photographing the structure
> from the outside since it was not a legally protected one. They were
> standing on the road, and not trespassing. To resolve the matter, Aditya,
> Pranav and Krutikaa Jawanjal accompanied the security personnel to the
> police station where they explained that they were within their rights to
> do what they did, and that citizens of the country need not take prior
> permission to take exterior photographs of private property that was not
> accorded legal protection. The PSI on duty made a noting in his station
> diary and informed us that Bombay House has security fears, which is why
> one should speak to their bosses before taking pictures, but agreed with
> them per se that there is no law that prohibits people from taking pictures
> there.
> 2.
> The group that went to Bombay House (and subsequently to Yazdani Bakery,
> St. Thomas Cathedral) and other places  was delayed owing to the incident
> at Bombay House and discovered serendipitously that entry to INS Vikrant
> was open. Covering Vikrant took a while, adding to the delay. Consequently
> they (this includes me) never reached HBCSE but uploaded from home
> instead. Although we did get several good contributions from the
> participants in this group as well, I do recognise that it may have been
> nice if we could have joined in with the participants who uploaded together
> at HBCSE. I apologise.
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