On the eve of 11 years of sharing the sum of all knowledge with world
netizens, Hyderabad Wikipedians celebrated 11th birthday of Wikipedia at
 the office of Wikipedian Rajasekhar in Domalguda, Hyderabad. CBRAo who
presided the meeting said that while  Encyclopaedia of Britannica  is a
paid service, Wikipedia with it's vast knowledge pages is totally free to
all the citizens of the world and one should encourage such institutions.
CBRao told the audience that Wikipedia gives quick, vast amount of
knowledge which is mostly reliable that is written and verified by several
Wikipedians. Rahimanuddin explained about the objectives of Wiki and also
the contents of first page of Wiki. Another Wikipedian Veeven told about
search techniques to extract info from Wiki; how to register for wiki; what
can be written in Wiki  and which is not a material for wiki. He further
demonstrated how Telugu can be seen and used in mobile phones. Though
Wikipedia Wikimedia foundation application software could not be
demonstrated, it's use in Android based phones was  explained. The
advantages which an user gets were well presented by Veeven.

On this occassion  a call centre for direct help in using wikipedia was
declared opened by Wikipedian rajasekhar. Any one needing help or any
clarification regarding use of, how to write in Wikipedia can contact him
through his Cell no: 9246376622. Latter the names of wikipedians who did
highest number of edits either to articles or non articles in Telugu were
announced. The complete list can be seen at
Rajasekhar stood highest with 12411  edits  of Wiki articles during the
year 2011. Wikipedians Veeven and CBRao stood in top 10  non article
editors. These three Wikipedians were presented gift coupons for e-books
 which were sponsored by kinige.com. Outstation, outstanding Wikipedians
will be presented gift coupons for their valuable service through
e-mail.Wikipedian CBRao announced a programme "Wiki loves monuments" for
amatuer photographers. Historical monuments abound Hyderabad  and
Secunderabad. He further said that a photo tour to these historical
monuments will be conducted to amatuer photogrphers and  after a photo
evaluation by judges prizes will be given to best photos and selected
photos will be uploaded to Wikipedia.  Veeven replied to the several
questions regarding use of Wikipedia that are posed by audience. Rajasekhar
and Rahimanuddin helped those people who are desiorous of registering in
Wikipedia.How editors are encouraged by Tamil Wikipedia?  This was
explained clearly by Tamil Wikipedian Ravishankar, who further told some of
the highlights of Tamil Wiki. Rahimanuddin proposed vote of thanks.

Another highlight of the meeting is virtual participation of  Wikimedia
India President Arjunarao C from Bengaluru and another outstanding
Wikipedian T.Sujatha from Chennai,  in the meeting.

The photos of the event can be seen at the link given below.


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