Good to know, Sohan. Thank you for volunteering for this academy.
Was there any interest to know about Tamil Wiki projects too?

- Sundar
"That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for 
the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted."
- George Boole, quoted in Iverson's Turing Award Lecture

> From: Sohan Maheshwar <>
>Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2012 2:16 PM
>Subject: [WMIN-Members] Wiki Academy at PSR Rengaswamy Engg College - a report
>The first Wiki Academy in PSR Rengaswamy College of engineering for Women, 
>Sivakasi was conducted on Jan 20th. An impressive total of 68 students, 
>primarily consisting of 2nd and 3rd year engg students attended this workshop. 
>The Principal of the college, Dr K Ramaswamy gave a short talk and welcomed 
>the participants and the speaker.
>The session started off with a small introduction on what Wikipedia is and the 
>core values and philosophies behind Wikipedia, how it is edited by millions of 
>people across the world and how all the content on the site is completely 
>free. The 5 pillars of Wikipedia i.e the fundamental principles by which Wiki 
>operates on were also explained. The students were initially a little hesitant 
>to interact but soon were asking pertinent and valid questions about the topic.
>Once the basics were covered, a short presentation on approaching Wikipedia as 
>a reader was held. Editing of wikipedia was explained next followed by a 
>hands-on session where the students were taught the basics of editing 
>Wikipedia. The students were very responsive to this session. Small prizes 
>like Wiki stickers were given out for mini-contests that were held during this 
>session. A vast majority of the students seemed to quickly understand the 
>intuitive UI especially considering that they were all familiar with 
>formatting in MS Word. The students made minor edits to articles as the 
>session drew to a close.
>A google group has been setup for future correspondance. The students along 
>with the help of the faculty coordinators who were present said they will work 
>on improving the Sivakasi wiki page.
>The feedback forms (i will collate the data from here and post it shortly) 
>were collected and few photos from the event were taken. I'll post the pics on 
>the wiki page for the academy soon as i don't have the camera with me 
>currently. Brochures were handed out to all the participants.
>Judging by the feedback received and the response from the students, i'd say 
>the event was a success. It is important to carry forward this initiative and 
>bring out an interest in participating in contributing to Wikipedia and i will 
>make sure that this happens. I'd like to thank Ms Nitika Tandon, Mr Naveen PF 
>and Mr Arjuna Rao Chavala for their help. This was my first Wiki Academy and i 
>really profited from their help. Conducting the academy solo was quite a 
>challenging  but rewarding experience.
>Also as a footnote i'd like to point that the session was delayed because the 
>Wiki editor kept crashing IE 6. Sadly, the computers in the lab had no other 
>browsers apart from IE 6. This wasn't a roadblock i expected and i think 
>should be added to the list of preparations in this page. We managed to get an 
>admin password for the computers and hastily installed Firefox so that the 
>session could complete without any further hitches...and it did!
>Looking forward to conducting more such academies in the future.
>Thank you!
>-Sohan Maheshwar
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