The Marathi Wikisource now exists as a Wiki. It is the kind of thing that
makes us happy in the language committee. We were happy to move things
along a bit by considering to expedite our approval. The full localisation
was not done but promises were made and are kept to make sure that the
Marathi localisation of MediaWiki will be in and remain in good shape.

We also pushed WMF ops to do a good job for the Marathi Wikisource and I am
really happy that Sam Reed helped us out.

All in all we are pleased and we hope that all issues that need to be
resolved for future projects will be resolved quickly and, that we
consequently will have many more projects starts like the one of the
Marathi Wikisource. I hope it will prosper and help us realise our aim of
bringing all information to the people of the world.
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