Thanks Jyothi Prakash for sharing. Congratulations to the all organizers.
Do share us some pics if they were taken.
Best wishes for all the future efforts for Assamese Wikipedia !

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On 2/3/2012 12:11 PM, JyotiPrakash Nath wrote:
Dear all Wikipedians,

Here is the Minutes of the First Assamese Wikipedia Meetup Guwahati on 29/01/12
Venue: Conference hall, Computer Science Department, Guwahati University

1. Started at 2:30 Pm, welcome the Wikipedians by organizer Jyoti Prakash Nath

2. Facilitation to Mr. Shiju Alex and the HOD of the Computer Science Department Dr. (Mrs) Anjana Kakati Mahanta with the Assamese Gamosha by Mr. Buljit Borgohain and Mr. Gitartha Bordoloi respectively.

3. On request of Jyoti Prakash Nath Dr. (Mrs) Anjana Kakati Mahanta inaugurated the meeting. She said how she glad to know when she was asked by Mr. Shiju Alex for a place to a meeting of Assamese Wikipedia. She agreed to provide a Projector, a room, furnishers and Internet connection for the meeting. 4. Mr. Prabhakar Sharama Neog, a senior Wikipedian explains his feelings about the Assamese Wikipedia and shares some experience.

5.    All the present peoples introduced themselves one by one.

6. Jyoti Prakash Nath explains how to open a new account on the Assamese Wikipedia to the new people that present on that day. One new member Mr. Amrit opens a new account on request for demonstration.

7. A slide show prepared by Mr. Bishnu Saikia was presented by another senior Wikipedian Mr. Gitartha Bordoloi where basically these points are described-----

I.    What is Wikipedia?
II.    What is Wiki?
III.    History of Wikipedia.
IV.    Indic Wikipedia.
V.    Present status of Assamese Wikipedia.
VI.    Sister Projects of Assamese Wikipedia.
VII.    Assamese Wikisource.
VIII.    Assamese Wiktionary.
IX.    Assamese Wikibooks.

8. Shiju Alex speaks about Wikimedia foundation and the Indic Wikipedia.

9. Mr. Amlan Basumatary explains the viewers how to create a page and how to write an article on Assamese Wikipedia. He also explains the Narayam keyboard that available on the website and how to activate it and how one can write Assamese script using the keyboard.

10. A question answer section was held where many new users and present reporters ask questions about Wikipedia. All the queries are answered by Mr. Gitarth Bordoloi, Mr. Prabhakar Sharma Neog, Mr.Shiju Alex and Mr. Amlan Basumatary. Meanwhile all the guests were served with tea and Assamese breakfast Tillpitha, Narikolor Ladu, Tilor Ladu, Sirar Ladu etc.

11.    End of the meeting declared by Jyoti Prakash Nath.

JyotiPrakash Nath

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