The IP details are as follows:

IP Info
IP address: 
IP country: India  
IP Address state:Andhra Pradesh 
IP Address city:Hyderabad 
IP latitude:17.3753 
IP longitude:78.4744 
ISP:Tata Communications 
Organization:Tata Communications 


Any clues on this.....

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Mandar V. Kulkarni

> From: ansuman <>
>To: Wikimedia India Community list <>; 
>Wikipedia-OR <>; Wmin members 
>Sent: Sunday, 5 February 2012, 2:34
>Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Account Creation Requests during Wiki Events
>Was there a wiki session in mumbai recently ?? Five (or more) ACC requests 
>from an IP address have made. And they (one/two of them) had dropped all the 
>request assuming It was from a single user. So I request all of you to leave a 
>note at any ACC Tool Admin  
> (List) or come to 
>IRC during the 
>requests. Usually they don't drop if the requests are from different E-mail 
>IDs and it passes other checks. But to avoid confusion it's better to be 
>                  2012-02-04 06:59:52  Rashaditi
>                  2012-02-04 07:02:13  Khageshwari
>                  2012-02-04 07:05:11  Poojadhatrak
>                  2012-02-04 07:14:45  Priyanaka.Babar
>                  2012-02-04 07:24:14  Abhilashapoonam (All UTC)
>I don't know whether these requests were made during a wiki event or not. Just 
>thought It could be an undeclared wiki session by any wikipedian. 
>Please forward this to other lists :)
>Thanks n Regards
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