Moksh, Thanks for the report. Do upload the VJTI photo on wiki - the article 
does not have a good one.

Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 17:42:12 +0530
Subject: [Wikimedia-in-mum] Report on the Technovanza,  VJTI festival Wikipedia 

Dear All,

We were invited to have a workshop at Technovanza, VJTI festival.

The total session strength was 15 students. The students were very curious to 
know how the editing does take place. The session included 

* Elaborate discussion on the

* Editing the actual Wiki page. The selection was based on interest in the 

* Creating a new Wiki Page. Post explaining the modalities of creating 
the page the selection was based on interest in the workshop

Common Queries included 
* How does Wikipedia run? 
* Who manages and 
maintains the Wikipedia? 

At the same time, students who attended the 
session were completely new editing, so they were very happy to know get
 a demonstration of editing an article. Also at the end of the session 
they surely promised to try their hand at editing on their favourite 

Was also given a small memento with the photograph of VJTI college in it, 
thanking for the session.

Thank you for the opportunity! I would encourage everyone on the list to have 
these workshops, cause they are very enlightening for students who were just 
copy pasting content from Wikipedia!

Moksh Juneja

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