Deal all,

As a part of helping the community to reach out to more people apart from
the presentations, handouts, FAQs and mailing list support we also have
need for more visuals. Audio/Video clips containing Indian Wikipedians
sharing their message "I EDIT WIKIPEDIA" or "I EDIT AN INDIAN LANGUAGE
impact among people and motivate them to contribute to Wikipedia. Many
people use Wikipedia in a daily basis without being aware of they can also
[Edit] it, social media, Youtube, mails containing link to such a video can
be used to reach this message to them. Moreover, such videos which are
already there in Outreach ( Bookshelf might make
some people feel it's project being managed by some foreigners. Seeing some
real Indians editing Wikipedia with the Main page of an Indian language
background will definitely make this message clearer.

If there is a fairly good no of community members located in anywhere in
India (e.g Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai community) we can ask the community
members say it altogether aloud apart from one/two community members
speaking in their own language. I will be posting the details in the
community village pumps, you are allowed to send as many people's footage
as you can provided the video and audio quality are reasonable good. We
will be collecting footage from all the communities and do a post

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