Good Points by Bishakha.. We need to be prepared and organised if anything
happens again..


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> On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <
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>> I agree with you completely. While I've never been dragged to a Police
>> station, the Coimbatore Police made me delete ALL my photos on the camera,
>> and the Bangalore Police took away my memory card.
> This is really a shame. Did they specify under what law they were doing
> this?
> Since these situations are cropping up on photo walks, here are some
> ground-level suggestions for individual volunteers or groups embarking on
> these:
> 1)Familiarize yourself with 'photo restrictions' in your city/state: These
> may differ, and none of us know all the restrictions in each state - maybe
> a news photographer or someone could be asked in advance, since we seem to
> have good media contacts in India in general? (Tinu or anyone else: do you
> think there is someone who could help provide this info? We are all
> ignorant here. Individuals would feel more confident if they knew whether
> or not what they are doing is illegal.)
> 2)Stand your ground to the extent possible: Keep asking which law is being
> applied if any police action - charging with a case, arrest, confiscation -
> is brought up. I know this is very very hard to do when faced with police
> personnel, but still. The police are less likely to bully someone who can
> firmly ask questions - and who does not get intimidated by the law.
> 3)Create a chain of 'help': Call another wikipedian for help - if there
> are 2-3 or more wikipedians present, divide up tasks, so that one-two
> people can engage the cops while another makes phone calls. When Pranav
> called me, I in turn called lawyer friends who clarified that P&Co were not
> breaking the law. I then felt more confident to ask them to 'stand their
> ground'.
> 4)Cultivate contacts with media, including photographers, who may have
> this information or lawyers in your city who can help with this information
> (including legal students).
> This is not meant to imply that no larger help is needed - it's not an
> either/or, and institutional support may be needed in some cases. These are
> just small suggestions to empower individual on the spot.
> Best
> Bishakha
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