Thank you for posting this, Noopur.  Congratulations on finding this
wonderful opportunity for collaboration with the state institution.

With regard to "oral citations", you will need to see if the local
Wikipedia communities accept them as sources.  On the English Wikipedia,
for instance, an audio recording will get disqualified under the policy on
[[WP:NOR|no original research]].  If the museum decides to document and
publish information online, these sources will be regarded as
[[WP:PRIMARY|primary sources]] (with limited potential for use) and not as
[[WP:SECONDARY|independent and secondary]] sources which are commonly used
to cite assertions within an article.

But tarry not, as the museum is a great place to get wonderful pictures and
related media for articles that do not have media on them.  You should try
and find out more about Liam Wyatt's work with the British Museum.  The
perfect carrot for the museum would be to tell them that this exercise will
help their article on Wikipedia (see e.g. [[British Museum]]), and the
images taken would be featured on different Wikipedia projects (see e.g.
[[Crystal skull]]).



On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 1:11 AM, Noopur <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am extremely delighted to announce India's first (?) GLAM collaboration
> with a State institution in New Delhi, the capital of India. The*National 
> Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum (NHHM)
> *, New Delhi has approved our draft and we will soon begin a 6 month
> pilot project with them.
> I have been corresponding with their director for over 2 months now, since
> the GLAMcamp in Amsterdam. After a series of conversations with the
> Director, Dr Ruchira Ghose, I sent in an approval and after two meetings,
> she sent in a revised proposal to the Ministry of Culture in India. Just
> two days ago, the Ministry approved this project and has also provided her
> a small grant to support our incidental expenses. NHHM has over 30,000
> objects including pottery, textiles, metal work, paintings and more.
> *Goals:*
>    - 6 month pilot project to churn out 25 'Good Articles'.
>    - Training staff and capacity building
>    - Recruiting 10 new editors from art colleges to work on site for
>    digitization/documentation
>    - Make the museum a regular avenue for GLAM meets
> Note: Good Articles here doesn't mean GA by en-WP standards. We intend to
> create at least 25 articles with substantial information. Would like your
> inputs on this.
> *Challenges: *
>    - Delhi has a small community, so we *really *need help from EVERYONE
>    possible, local and global
>    - The staff members are only comfortable with Hindi, so we'd
>    appreciate ALL help possible from hi-WP editors
>    - *Biggest challenge: *India is a vast country with craft traditions
>    in millions of villages. So, at the time of acquiring, many art objects do
>    not come with published information, documentation and references. Much of
>    this stuff is 'word of mouth', oral traditions and stories of artisans etc.
>    We have asked the Museum to start documenting and publishing these stories
>    under their Publication cell BUT that will take time. Do you think using
>    oral citations in this case would be helpful?
>    - Since this is my/our first time, we will appreciate guidance on
>    scanning, making an MoU and help creating/maintaining the project page. Can
>    someone please help? *makes puppy face*
> I apologize for this really long mail but, my next meeting with the
> Director is on the 14th of February when we will start our 'lead-up'
> program to the project.
> *To all the WiRs: *Did you make some sort of a program schedule or a
> timeline that I could use?
> I would love all your suggestions on this project and am *very* excited to
> make my own share of GLAM contributions and mistakes :) Of course, now we
> will also start contributing to TGIM.
> Cheers,
> Noopur
> --
> Noopur Raval
> Student
> Arts and Aesthetics
> Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
> Ph: 9650567690
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