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            The 42nd Bangalore Wikipedia Wikimeetup was held on 12 Feb
2012, at Wikimedia India Chapter office ( The Centre for Internet and
Society), Domlur. [1] Five Wikimedians attended the meetup.
             This time, we introduced GeoNotice on English Wikipedia for
announcing the meetup on the same morning in the Bangalore area [2].  A
geonotice is a notice similar to a sitenotice,  but it is displayed only to
users who are physically located in some subset of the Earth. This is only
 a watchlist geonotice , appearing on the watchlist  page of logged in
users. May be we should try this at least a week ahead, next time, to catch
enough attention of regular Wikipedians, and possibly on other Wikipedias
           Arun Ramaratnam gave a talk and demo on How QR codes work, How
QRPedia ( <about:blank> used this technology in an
innovative way. QRpedia is a mobile Web based system which uses QR codes to
deliver Wikipedia articles to users, in their preferred language. When a
user scans a QRpedia QR code on their mobile device, the device decodes the
QR code into a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) using the domain name "" and whose path (final part) is the title of a Wikipedia article,
and sends a request for the article specified in the URL to the QRpedia Web
server. It also transmits the language setting of the device [3] The crowd
discussed on the possible ways of implementing QRPedia in Indian contexts
and museums in India. We discussed about the current limitations and how
they can be improved.
          We discussed on how to take forward the Wiki Loves Monuments
initiative in India [4]. Naveen Francis announced the registration of We discussed about the MoU with National Handicrafts
and Handlooms Museum, New Delhi . It was decided to follow up and close the
loop in signing the MoU with the Museum. Radhakrishna Arvapally also
discussed about a possible partnership with Brain Museum of NIMHANS,
Bangalore (Only Brain Musium in India). Arun talked about his earlier
interactions with the Government Museum of Bangalore [5]. We need to
complete this list of Museums in India. [6] and identify volunteers to work
with them.

        The Meetup was adjourned with the customary group photo sessions.
You can find more photos here [6]. The next Bangalore Wikimeetup ( Meetup
43) is to be held on Sunday, 11-March-2012 Time: 3:00 PM IST. [8]

3) Source : Wikipedia

Thanks to Tinu for help !

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