On a side note. I seriously think we should request for a Mailing list for
QR Pedia in India.
I have a bunch of Ideas, [working on One right now, wrt Bangalore, but
keeping it a secret] and I think it is a great way to teach various things
to the present 'Smartphone' generation. [I mean the kids younger than me
who have BlackBerrys and iPhones].

On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 12:29 PM, CherianTinu Abraham <
> wrote:

> Thanks Radha Krishna for the detailed report.
> May be other cities can also make utilize of the Watch list Geo Notices
> for future meetups  .
> Put a request here
> and notify me or one of the admins on English Wikipedia.
> Regards
> Tinu Cherian
> On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 11:56 AM, RadhaKrishna Arvapally <
>> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>>             The 42nd Bangalore Wikipedia Wikimeetup was held on 12 Feb
>> 2012, at Wikimedia India Chapter office ( The Centre for Internet and
>> Society), Domlur. [1] Five Wikimedians attended the meetup.
>>               This time, we introduced GeoNotice on English Wikipedia for
>> announcing the meetup on the same morning in the Bangalore area [2].  A
>> geonotice is a notice similar to a sitenotice,  but it is displayed only to
>> users who are physically located in some subset of the Earth. This is only
>>  a watchlist geonotice , appearing on the watchlist  page of logged in
>> users. May be we should try this at least a week ahead, next time, to catch
>> enough attention of regular Wikipedians, and possibly on other Wikipedias
>> too.
>>             Arun Ramaratnam gave a talk and demo on How QR codes work,
>> How QRPedia ( used this technology in an innovative
>> way. QRpedia is a mobile Web based system which uses QR codes to deliver
>> Wikipedia articles to users, in their preferred language. When a user scans
>> a QRpedia QR code on their mobile device, the device decodes the QR code
>> into a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) using the domain name ""
>> and whose path (final part) is the title of a Wikipedia article, and sends
>> a request for the article specified in the URL to the QRpedia Web server.
>> It also transmits the language setting of the device [3] The crowd
>> discussed on the possible ways of implementing QRPedia in Indian contexts
>> and museums in India. We discussed about the current limitations and how
>> they can be improved.
>>            We discussed on how to take forward the Wiki Loves Monuments
>> initiative in India [4]. Naveen Francis announced the registration of
>> We discussed about the MoU with National
>> Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, New Delhi . It was decided to follow up
>> and close the loop in signing the MoU with the Museum. Radhakrishna
>> Arvapally also discussed about a possible partnership with Brain Museum of
>> NIMHANS, Bangalore (Only Brain Musium in India). Arun talked about his
>> earlier interactions with the Government Museum of Bangalore [5]. We need
>> to complete this list of Museums in India. [6] and identify volunteers to
>> work with them.
>>         The Meetup was adjourned with the customary group photo sessions.
>> You can find more photos here [6]. The next Bangalore Wikimeetup ( Meetup
>> 43) is to be held on Sunday, 11-March-2012 Time: 3:00 PM IST. [8]
>> Notes:
>> 1)
>> 2)
>> 3) Source : Wikipedia
>> 4)
>> 5)
>> 6)
>> 7)
>> 8)
>> Thanks to Tinu for help !
>> --
>> Thanks & Regards,
>> RadhaKrishna
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