Hi everyone,                  The 3rd Wikipedia Ahmedabad Meetup was arranged 
on 19th February 2012, at Seva Cafe Navarangpura.[1] Total 5 wikipedians 
attended the meetup(excluding a volunteer from the venue who also joined us, 
I've led him to Facebook Mumbai Wikipedia group, he might attend future meetups 

                  The meetup started with the discussion on Wikipedians in 
Ahmedabad. There aren't many people from the city (even Gujarat) who actually 
edit wikipedia regularly, so we discussed the ideas on getting people aware of 
what Wikipedia is. Inspired by Bangalore Meetup 42 I'm planning to post a 
GeoNotice to Wikipedians from Ahmedabad, so if there are users that edit but 
aren't in active in the community, can come forward. The other ideas that we 
put on table included a proposal to Smit Shah, a student from LD college of 
Engineering to lead WikiAcademy in the same college in March or April and as 
part of GLAM project, try getting information on obtainable and/or given 
permissions in the Museums in Ahmedabad.[2]

                  Afterwards Kartik Mistry talked about the Gujarati Wikipedia 
interface translation (on Translatewiki.net). He and another user translated 
about 1500 interface files to Gujarati, couple of weeks before the meetup.

                  I introduced them to some major details of Wikipedia's 
Policies and Guidelines and Citing sources, some gadgets that can help them in 
editing Wikipedia more efficiently, the google books and JSTOR citation tool 
(which Ashwin Baindur posted on the mailing list some time ago).[3]

                   Finally we had off project discussion about Raspberry Pi and 
Linux community and stuff like that, and a photo session of course.[4]
[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/Ahmedabad/Ahmedabad3

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Museums_in_Ahmedabad[3] 

[4] http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Ahmedabad_Meetup_Feb2012

I would like to thank the Wikimedia India Chapter for their help and guidance 
with organizing the event,On behalf of Wikimedia Ahmedabad Community,
--Konarak Ratnakar | kondi

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