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> Swaroop Rao
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>> I think we need to contact dormant editors and ask them why they
>> stopped editing.
>> Here is something to think about - is there such a thing as a
>> "lifecycle of a Wikipedia" where a person goes through stages &
>> finally burns out?
>> Just found some WikiHumor related to this:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Seven_Ages_of_Wikipedians
Only one 'age' appears to be missing: the age when the Wikipedian decides
that one might as well earn some money editing Wikipedia, even though it is
expressly forbidden and hugely frowned upon. They then hire themselves out
to ponytailed education businessmen, and when this is discovered, many
Wikipedians express their deep sorrow and regret, and remember the good old
days when X was such a straight arrow.

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