2012/2/23 Nasir Khan <nasir8...@gmail.com>:
> I checked for Benagli (bn-BD and bn-IN). When i enabled those locals the
> Wikipedia app icon text and buttons were displayed in Bengali.

Thank you very much for testing! Now you can tell your friends that
there's a Wikipedia app in Bengali.

> But when the
> EN is enabled it shows the home page of the EN wiki but here it does not
> show the home page article content.

If your phone's locale is English, you can still read the content of
Bengali Wikipedia in the app by tapping the "Read in" button in the
menu (পড়া হচ্ছে).

> I am saying home article content because
> the footer license texts are visible .

To create a real mobile homepage, an admin of the Bengali Wikipedia
only needs to add a couple of CSS rules to the Main page of the
regular Bengali Wikipedia. Here are the instructions:

It should only take about a minute.

Also, could you please translate a few remaining messages in the app's
interface to Bengali? There are just 32 short messages left to
translate in Bengali. The translation is done here:

If you don't have an account at translatewiki.net, you'll need to
create one to translate :)

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