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I shall try to reply to the 10 when I find some time. Meanwhile an
interesting post to read[1]

Specifically for Indic languages, how do we make sure that we have
> relatively less rigid and comprehensive policies (which work for en-wp with
> tens of thousands of editors - but is totally impractical when we have <50
> editors which is the case for all but 3 Indic communities.)

This is no where close to anything about outreach. So am replying
here,would like to say 3 things on it.

1. Policies should always be determined, drafted, discussed by the
community. Please sit and watch at bay. Do not interfere with community's
autonomy unless its an extreme situation.
2. Chapter / Programs / Foundation interference on these must be minimal,
only when there is a extreme danger to the health of wiki / risking the
entities. (Interfere if a wiki is not drafting copyvio policies and is soft
on it)
3. There might be people who understand Wikipedia culture differently,
people having no idea about Wiki culture who reboot the inactive
communities, in such cases, India Programs should only be helping educate
those users about core values, policies in other wikis and the decision on
policies must always be taken by the communities themselves.


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