Hi all,

Needless to repeat the <India-Indic-Mobile-Growth> story. But I was
surprised even with that, many Indic wikipedias do not have a mobile
site(or some have gone dead since they failed to update for
MobileFrontend[1] changes), even the ones that had weren't very much
usable. Lets not cite, mobile phones do not have fonts, no one uses Indic
on mobile, we all know lot of people do use Opera-mini with complex script
rendering support.

* Please visit <yourlanguage>.m.wikpedia.org and see if there is a page. If
it has nothing but 'search, license, and action control' links, here[2] are
the steps that an admin need to do to get a mobile site running with
content. If you have problem in doing those, come and ask at
#wikimedia-tech (or #mediawiki {?}).

* When I visited Tamil wikipedia mobile site, I was restricted to content
that was put on mainpage, the links in it. Since my Symbian phone doesnt
have Indic input system, I cant search anything. The solution to this is to
have a list of articles in alphabetical order *and* display it in mobile
front page, like Assamese wikipedians have done[3]. Many Indic wikis have
this template, but few show it on main page. This might be incredibly
useful on mobile versions.

More thoughts on improving Mobile sites welcome :)

Mobile sites are important since,

1. Lot of people will be using this.
2. The Wikipedia app uses this(?) [Correct me if am wrong]

[1] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:MobileFrontend

[3] http://as.m.wikipedia.org/

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