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> The organizers cut short our time because of their problems with the
> internet connection and the fact that they had to shoe-horn a sponsors
> presentation in the same time slot as ours.

This is bad. You asked for / were given only 1 hour slot? that too with out
a lab / proper internet? #fail. What is the point of signing MoU and all
for this. Even if this 1 hour / rest of the stuff went well, I wonder if it
makes sense for 2 persons to travel for 12+ hours / spend a weekend to talk
for 1 hour. Anyone else who feels it makes sense, please enlighten me. Last
year we spent 8+ hours on stall, 2.5 hours on the academy part.
(Effectiveness is totally another thing)

> Also, the fact that i'm a working professional and you are a student
> should not have anything to do with it. Bottom-line is that the NIT-T
> organizers should have treated us better. We do not need five-star
> type accommodation. But some simple courtesy is expected of them. Also,a
> week prior to the event, Saagar had promised me transport to and from the
> venue. The fact is that they did not seem to really care too much about the
> WikiAcademy and treated it like they were doing us a favour.

Courtesy could have been better, but facilities may not always be (Esp in
tier 2 cities). So please try and adjust (if you were asked to travel in
public transport). Yes, they do/might treat you like they are doing you a
favour(I don't see why they would really care), in fact they actually do
*some* favour in giving space for us. The interest you (I barely know you
btw) and I have towards Wikipedia might not be same any organizer at these
events will have. They might have extra interest on swags etc. Most Tech
fests are not run/attended by students with noble intentions of learning
something technical etc.(At best they learn team work, organizational
skills) I said part of the statement about attendees on this list here[1]

In short, when going to a college, keep your expectations to bare minimum
be it on the audience / organizers. If something was good, do appreciate,
otherwise accept it as reality on Indian conditions. There is nothing to be
ashamed / unpatriotic in accepting certain things as Indian reality.


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