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On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 5:39 PM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <> wrote:

> Heya all.
> I guess, I really need to explain something here.
> I was wrong when I blamed the organisers of Pragyan for what happened.
> The Fiasco, isn't a FIASCO anymore. We've got four users from the event
> and I'm proud of that.
> I believe I have inadvertently caused a flare up which has resulted in a
> lot of people getting shouted out. Tensions are soaring and I believe I
> caused it.
> As far as Accomodation/Travel is considered, from my POV, what I got was
> perfect. Saagar had informed me that guesthouses weren't good enough and I
> took [and still take] his word for it. He slept in the lab so I could sleep
> in his room.
> As for the event, as Sohan pointed out the, delay and internet issues were
> the only issue. The internet issue was mine in entirety. I didn't mention
> that, OR mention anything about a lab. That makes it my fault.
> The MoU: I admit, I didn't read the MoU at all, both the edited and
> original versions of it.  Big mistake.
> Saagar helped me a LOT, and did whatevr was in his power to change the
> slot to a weekend to ensure that Sohan could participate.
> The lack of time and all was because we, [particularly ME] took time in
> arriving at a proper decision. For every 10 mails I got from Saagar, Sohan,
> Nitika, Naveen and Tinu on the matter I sent out only one reply.
> I admit, the majority of the goof up was PURELY MY FAULT.
> The remaining issus were a direct result of lack of time.
> I just feel pathetic that I said whatever I did, because I and several
> others are now at the receiving end of a lot of people.
> At the time of writing the first mail, I was at the receiving end of three
> people, one in particular called my session a flop show and blamed
> everything on me, causing me to write that mail.
> Now, suddenly I'M  at the recievning end of no less than 16 people.
> I feel guilty that the NIT T team, who did their best to make me feel
> comfortable have been put thru this by me.
> I learnt a lot at Pragyan, it was my first tech first, to be honest, and I
> really enjoyed the guest lecture that I attended, which I feel is specially
> significant to Wikipedia, which I shall write separately about soon.
> Sohan may feel different, but as I said over the phone to Nitika, I and
> ONLY I am to blame for what I did.
> I hope this isn't the end of what I was hoping would be a good
> partnership. It is quite rare to see the top brains look at Wikipedia from
> our POV. Most top schools/colleges etc are snobs [it's a stereotype but
> mostly true in my experience] and these guys seemed genuinely interested in
> what was being done.
> I just feel pathetic at being such a screwup. As stated earlier I have a
> lot to learn and till then I shall not volunteer for an academy/workshop.
> I'll merely be a spectator and wait till I mature into someone better. The
> real world is not so rosy as the Wiki world is.
> Regards,
> Srikanth.
> P.S: I did manage to get a picture of the NITT gate which is now on the
> Commons. Maybe you guys could use it. It is CCBYSA ofcourse.
> --
> Regards,
> Srikanth Ramakrishnan.
> Wikipedia Coimbatore Meetup onMarch 10th.
> Aliens invaded Tamil Nadu, left their Spaceship and now it is a Toll
> Plaza.
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