This is a fabulous idea! This is the most convenient form editing session
as well as a hands on experience... Way to go!!

On 1 March 2012 20:59, Nitika <> wrote:

> Hey Everyone,
> There are over 500 people on this mailing list - but I know quite a few
> folks who might not be too comfortable editing Wikipedia.
> I'm organising something where we can try and solve that - all while you
> are sitting in your cozy home corners and sipping on a hot cup of chai.
> Simply put, it's a virtual outreach session.
> Here's how it will work. It will run for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon.
>  It will be conducted as a Google+ Hangout.  (If you are not familiar, this
> is a feature that allows for free video conferencing.)  It will be a
> combination of a presentation, hands-on editing session and an open house
> to get queries solved.
> Agenda of the event
> 1. Introduction to Wikipedia
> 2. Overview of Core Wikipedia Policies, etc. (Neutral Point of View,
> Referencing, Notability, Writing Style, Avoiding CopyVio, Courtesy,
> Controlling Vandalism, etc.)
> 3. Basic Editing (creating user accounts & user pages, understanding talk
> pages, adding content & references, inserting links, using Wiki markups,
> etc.)
> 4. Community Citizenship (Understanding how we communicate with each other
> on Wikipedia and the protocols for this.)
> 5. Q&A & Next Steps (Discuss what your first edits after the session might
> be: what kind of article?  what kind of edit?)
> Medium of the event: Google+ Hangout.
> It is free and there's nothing to install.  Do make sure you check your
> mic and speakers beforehand (and the screen also asks you to check your
> hair!)  It allows everyone to see each other's video - making it a more
> human experience.  Also, we'll be able to view each other's screens which
> will make it simpler to conduct this session.  We can have a max of 10
> people doing a hangout at any point in time.  In case we have more than 10
> interested participants, we will organize multiple sessions.
> Proposed date and time: 11th March, 3pm to 6pm.
> Participants/Volunteers/Facilitators: Do drop me an email at
>  Also, if you are an experienced editor and
> interested in conducting the event, drop me an email. I'll then send you
> details of how this event wil be conducted.
> Do share this with anyone you know who might not be on this list but might
> be interested (friends, family, whoever!)
> Thanks
> Nitika
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