Today the Sanskrit Wikisource will get WebFonts support. The Sanskrit
Wikipedia already has it for some time and it works well for them.

What will be different is that in the Wikisource, it will be possible to
have original texts in the script as it was of at the time of first
publication. According to the English language Wikipedia article and
according to the Omniglot website Sanskrit is written in many scripts.

When you google for the Brahmi script, you will find several fonts that are
freely available. What is needed for us to use it in the Wikimedia
Foundation is that these fonts are freely licensed and, that they pass the
technical requirements of the Localisation team. Obviously when a font is
available in WebFonts, it is available in any wiki that has WebFonts


PS from my blogposts you will appreciate that there is an evolution in the
awareness of what WebFonts can do for you :)
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