Dear all,

This is a slightly belated update of my experience at the Open GLAM
conference in Serbia on 24-25th February. Held in Belgrade, the conference
was one of the best events I've attended in terms of hospitality. I had a
great time and thank the organizers WM-Serbia for taking special care of
all of us.

*Highlights: *
Regarding the conference, although it was more concentrated on local
language programs, we had a few sessions in English where all of us
presented on perspectives and on going GLAM projects in our respective
countries. One of the key questions of the Serbian community was *how to
kick start their first project*. During the internal meeting on the second
day we discussed these questions in detail. I presented on the role of
outreach as crucial to GLAM developments and how  a systematic approach is
needed while working with or contacting GLAMs in bureaucratic setups. We've
learnt that many institutions are already approaching them for talks.

It was great to hear Adrienne and Cristina talk about their projects which
concentrated on a variety of things including *minor language* communities,
institutional collaborations in *WikiAfrica*, training for GLAM volunteers.
We had wonderful conversations with Mile, Milos and Philip about their own
community, how things are working, the need for more volunteers.

You can find my presentation at the conference Wiki on Outreach and I have
pledged full support and help in terms of documentation, sharing best
practices and community building tips. Just to make a* link to the
Amsterdam GLAMcamp*, we realized that only reaching out to cultural
institutions and getting them to understand how GLAM works maybe a one time
challenge, but it is essential to maintain community support and interest
if we want to deliver results. There were presentations by Orsoya, Jan and
talks with Kirill, hopefully summaries and translations of which exist on
the wiki.

A big thanks to Asaf for facilitating things, Mile and Ivan for impeccable
hospitality and warmth, and all my fellow participants for the stories
shared over Rakija. :)

Thank you,
Warm regards
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