I would concur with Ashwin and Pradeep.
Go for it with all your heart, the potential for QRpedia is immense.

You ideas on making an impact on the Bangalore Metro are great.

In the last Bangalore meetup I spoke about about the opportunity Wikipedia
in an Indian context, including some surmountable challenges.


On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 11:46 AM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <> wrote:

> Hiya all.
> This is a quick summary of one of my silliest ideas.
> Thanks to my Wiki-friend PhantomSteve, and real life buddy @aagan86 [from
> Twitter] who got me interested in QR codes.
> I kept this a secret, telling it partly to Pradeep Mohandas, and Nitika
> Tandon. [SBC-YPR knew it the whole time].
> I had contacted Roger Bamkin of the UK Chapter, and he connected me with
> Terence Eden. As you all know, the two of them created QR Pedia together.
> Sent on 28-12-11 to Roger Bamkin.
> *Hi,
> I'm Srikanth, from India, known on Wiki and Twitter as Rsrikanth05.
> I've been on the English Wikipedia from June '05 and I have a little over
> 10,000 edits. I've been editing since I was 13.
> I got really interested in QR Codes a while back, and I tried using one to
> promote a WikiMeetup in Coimbatore.
> I stumbled across QR Pedia on Google, and thought I'd get in touch with
> you.
> I thought of this crazy idea to promote learning History and Geography via
> Wikipedia in India, using QR Codes. Seeing that a VAST majority of kids
> today roam around with BlackBerrys, iPhones, et al, I thought this would be
> a good opportunity.
> I'm a mega transport enthusiast, so I thought I'd write to the Bangalore
> Metro Rail Corporation Limited, who operate the Bangalore Metro. I chose
> BMRCL, because:* *
> 1> Out of the three Metro systems in the country, it is the most
> approachable.
> 2> Out of the various agencies in Bangalore and it's parent state of
> Karnataka, again it is the most approachable and tech savvy.
> My plan is to convince the BMRCL about providing QR codes to the various
> localities and landmarks along the route of the first track.
> Ideas in my brain are:
> 1> Each station has multiple exits, each of those can be linked to an
> article. Eg: At MG Road station, there is an exit towards Commercial
> Street, one towards Brigade Road, and one towards the Parade Ground. The
> Brigade Road exit can have a QR code pointing to Brigade Road, while the
> Comm. St, one can have one pointing to it's article.
> 2> Where the board says the station name, place a Code for the article of
> that area.
> 3> Presently, two stations are named after people: Mahatama Gandhi and
> Swami Vivekananda. More are in the pipeline, once the construction is
> completed. We could link the Code to the article on that person.
> I agree that articles should be in all possible languages and should be of
> high quality with good media. I am working on this, hoping the community
> will join me.* *
> *
> *This came in response:*
> *I don't think its silly at all. What can we do to help you? Most of our
> best successes have been silly ideas (who would think you could allow
> everyone to edit a good source of information?)
> We have a following of people who like writing articles and the Wikimedia
> UK board are keen on this idea. (We were also in the Wikimedia Foundation
> annual report)
> We can show you how we ran the Derby project * *
> One of our most repected editors in the UK is 13 now!* *
> Do you have some "sources" that we could write these articles from? You
> may be able to convince the bus company by doing one stop?
> Very interested in helping you, the bus passemgers etc and of course
> Wikipedia
> regards* *
> Roger*
> *Further*:
> *Srikanth
> Obviously Ive never tried to sell this idea to a bus company, but I have
> given talks in Bristol about how QRpedia can move a museum or a city up the
> google rankings.
> I have also copied in Terence Eden as he has also spoken about this idea
> (we both made QRpedia together). He'll be intrigued by the India link and
> he may be able to suggest other business cases.
> If you look on my wikipedia page and try the links ...* *
> regards
> Victuallers - Roger*
> *From Terence:*
> *Sounds really good. I currently work for [placeholder]- who are based in
> Bangalore.  Hopefully I'll be able to come out and visit the
> installation in 2012 :-)
> You could also link to the transport company's Wikipedia page - they* *
> may like to see that as an example.*
> Hopefully, something can happen.
> --
> Regards,
> Srikanth Ramakrishnan,
> P.S: I'm sending my Chapter membership form.
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