> I don't think it's a good idea to separate the chapter and the community.
>  The chapter is a membership-based organization and by definition an
> umbrella organization which represents the community.  There is no reason
> for differentiation as long as it is volunteer work done by a chapter
> member.
I think that although the chapter and community are volunteer based, the
chapter has more legal sanctity and is answerable as an organisation
against as a person being held responsible. Hence, it is important that
even the chapter and the community be seperated. As an action taken by a
member stating that he's taking on behalf of a  chapter, makes the Chapter

I think it is necessary to seperate the chapter and community as well.

In retrospect, I also understand the need for seperating the Foundation
activities as well. I think it is best to either go for total seperation of
community, chapter and Office or have general statements. This also makes
it necessary for people who hold multiple positions within Chapter and
Office to define their actions even more concretely since we're now
speaking in terms of transparency and accountability.

warm regards,
Pradeep Mohandas
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