Good idea Srikanth.

I had similar thoughts after Arun's qrpedia talk in Bangalore meetup and
seeing the following photo (

Om,Radhakrishna,Anoopan has offered help in Kannada,Telugu and Malayalam.

We need to talk to BMRCL officials and need try similar things across India.

On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 11:46 AM, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <> wrote:

> Hiya all.
> This is a quick summary of one of my silliest ideas.
> Thanks to my Wiki-friend PhantomSteve, and real life buddy @aagan86 [from
> Twitter] who got me interested in QR codes.
> I kept this a secret, telling it partly to Pradeep Mohandas, and Nitika
> Tandon. [SBC-YPR knew it the whole time].
> I had contacted Roger Bamkin of the UK Chapter, and he connected me with
> Terence Eden. As you all know, the two of them created QR Pedia together.
> Sent on 28-12-11 to Roger Bamkin.
> *Hi,
> I'm Srikanth, from India, known on Wiki and Twitter as Rsrikanth05.
> I've been on the English Wikipedia from June '05 and I have a little over
> 10,000 edits. I've been editing since I was 13.
> I got really interested in QR Codes a while back, and I tried using one to
> promote a WikiMeetup in Coimbatore.
> I stumbled across QR Pedia on Google, and thought I'd get in touch with
> you.
> I thought of this crazy idea to promote learning History and Geography via
> Wikipedia in India, using QR Codes. Seeing that a VAST majority of kids
> today roam around with BlackBerrys, iPhones, et al, I thought this would be
> a good opportunity.
> I'm a mega transport enthusiast, so I thought I'd write to the Bangalore
> Metro Rail Corporation Limited, who operate the Bangalore Metro. I chose
> BMRCL, because:* *
> 1> Out of the three Metro systems in the country, it is the most
> approachable.
> 2> Out of the various agencies in Bangalore and it's parent state of
> Karnataka, again it is the most approachable and tech savvy.
> My plan is to convince the BMRCL about providing QR codes to the various
> localities and landmarks along the route of the first track.
> Ideas in my brain are:
> 1> Each station has multiple exits, each of those can be linked to an
> article. Eg: At MG Road station, there is an exit towards Commercial
> Street, one towards Brigade Road, and one towards the Parade Ground. The
> Brigade Road exit can have a QR code pointing to Brigade Road, while the
> Comm. St, one can have one pointing to it's article.
> 2> Where the board says the station name, place a Code for the article of
> that area.
> 3> Presently, two stations are named after people: Mahatama Gandhi and
> Swami Vivekananda. More are in the pipeline, once the construction is
> completed. We could link the Code to the article on that person.
> I agree that articles should be in all possible languages and should be of
> high quality with good media. I am working on this, hoping the community
> will join me.* *
> *
> *This came in response:*
> *I don't think its silly at all. What can we do to help you? Most of our
> best successes have been silly ideas (who would think you could allow
> everyone to edit a good source of information?)
> We have a following of people who like writing articles and the Wikimedia
> UK board are keen on this idea. (We were also in the Wikimedia Foundation
> annual report)
> We can show you how we ran the Derby project * *
> One of our most repected editors in the UK is 13 now!* *
> Do you have some "sources" that we could write these articles from? You
> may be able to convince the bus company by doing one stop?
> Very interested in helping you, the bus passemgers etc and of course
> Wikipedia
> regards* *
> Roger*
> *Further*:
> *Srikanth
> Obviously Ive never tried to sell this idea to a bus company, but I have
> given talks in Bristol about how QRpedia can move a museum or a city up the
> google rankings.
> I have also copied in Terence Eden as he has also spoken about this idea
> (we both made QRpedia together). He'll be intrigued by the India link and
> he may be able to suggest other business cases.
> If you look on my wikipedia page and try the links ...* *
> regards
> Victuallers - Roger*
> *From Terence:*
> *Sounds really good. I currently work for [placeholder]- who are based in
> Bangalore.  Hopefully I'll be able to come out and visit the
> installation in 2012 :-)
> You could also link to the transport company's Wikipedia page - they* *
> may like to see that as an example.*
> Hopefully, something can happen.
> --
> Regards,
> Srikanth Ramakrishnan,
> P.S: I'm sending my Chapter membership form.
> Always welcome to join Chapter !!!

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