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> Shiju, you and Subhashish have been volunteers but now you are paid
>> contractors hired by the Foundation.  Any work you do within the purview of
>> your contractual relationship with the Foundation will be work as a paid
>> contractor and cannot be deemed to be the same as a volunteer. You can
>> continue being volunteers once your contractual assignment is complete.  Is
>> that so difficult to understand?
> You are totally wrong. That is the difference between your involvement
> with wikimedia movement and mine. My involvement with wikimedia movement
> will be there *even if this job is not there*. So just DO NOT compare
> your wikimedia contribution with mine. As a volunteer I will decide which
> all projects I need to work. Which means I still  continue to contribute to
> various wiki projects as a volunteer. I do not want your permission for
> that. Who had given you the authority to expel or exclude me from Wikimedia
> community?

Let me first explain what he was trying to refer to. He called you a
volunteer, from the Latin word voluntarius[1], meaning voluntary or
willing. The noun form [2] describes it as -
1.One who enters into, or offers for, any
service<http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/service> of
his/her own free will, especially when done without pay.

I'm not sure what you are reacting to. It is a simple distinction between
paid and non-paid effort. You were a community member, you still are, and
you shall remain one until you choose to leave it.

You are however, currently a paid employee, there is a very clear
distinction between volunteers and staff. I assure you it exists on en.wp
and outside India when the senior staff interact and talk about other
community members, they always use the word "volunteers" as opposed to
"staff". You can check with this in several hundred of Sue and Barry's
email if you like. The distinction is paid vs. non-paid, nothing more. This
extends to community members and beyond.

There is no reason to be angry over this, it's just terminology and
possibly a misunderstanding.

> Let me ask you a basic question. Are you with wikimedia movement for
> helping it or for screwing it up. I was going through the replies and your
> wiki contributions over the past few months. What is your intention in
> being with Wikimedia movement in India.

No one should be asking that question to another community member. I can
ask you that, you can ask me, it is all a matter of perspective. We are
only accountable to ourselves, and what we choose to do or say.

I would ask you to please calm down and don't take this as an offense. It's
probably just a misunderstanding with terminology that is usually applied
in these situations.


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