At translatewiki.net we installed the latest release of the Lohit fonts
today. Among several improvements there are two things that stand out.
There are now two new fonts specific for Devanagari and they support
Marathi and Nepali. As you know certain characters are written differently
when used for these languages.

The Lohit Devanagari font does allow for the use of a local override but
this requires a browser who deals with this properly and a source where the
meta data explicitly states that the language is either Marathi or Nepali.
By providing a font that is hard wired to show the variations for Marathi
or Nepali a solution is provided that will always work.

Our plan is to test the new Lohit fonts on translatewiki.net this week and
have them go into production on Monday on all the WMF wikis with WebFonts

Please test the Lohit fonts in your script and let us know as soon as
possible when there are any issues.

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