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> Hello,
> I find that the number of mails I receive from mailings about India
> and Wikimedia is a bit excessive. It would be be easy to reduce it
> significantly by not cross-posting every announcements, and by not
> sending congratulations to the list, but to the person concerned.

Thanks Yann for bringing this up.

I have updated list guidelines[1] with note on the individual mails. I am
not sure about cross-posting, since that might continue to happen for the
sake of informing all. You could consider subscribing into digest mode if
required :)


IIRC, The mailing list guidelines page was created when there was
some ruckus on the list last time. Can we all make a conscious effort to
put across whats acceptable on the list and whats not, there and come
reach consensus, so there everyone can follow them which will save lot of
time? Mailman also has a feature to post a reminder every month and we
could use it, so newbies will also know the list guidelines.

[1] http://wiki.wikimedia.in/MailingList_Guidelines

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