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> Any way to reach out to them ? Are they on sa-wiki list ?
> *Times of India : "Sanskrit makes a comeback, thanks to Wikipedia
> community"*
> http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/Sanskrit-makes-a-comeback-thanks-to-Wikipedia-community/articleshow/12012312.cms
> *Acclaimed author and linguist Umberto Eco once compared languages to
> biological creatures. A language, he said, follows an organic lifespan - it
> is born, it grows old, and it passes away. If the analogy holds, then
> Sanskrit, one of the most ancient of tongues which originated in India,
> seems to be living the last of its grizzled and decrepit years.
> There has been talk of declaring it a dead language, and some believe that
> it is only a matter of time before this language too goes the way of
> ancient Greek and Latin. But this is likely only if the labour and constant
> endeavours of the Sanskrit community - a body comprising scholars and
> students of the language present in Gurgaon and other parts of the country
> - fail to bear fruit.
> Dr Shreyansh Dwivedi is part of the department of Sanskrit in SCERT,
> Gurgaon. According to him, contrary to popular notions, Sanskrit is most
> alive today than it has ever been. "The trouble is that most people do not
> realize how much is happening in this field," he said.
> Attempts have been made to help the language evolve to modern standards.
> Haryana Sanskrit Academy is about to a launch a Sanskrit grammar software
> for the students of the language. A full-fledged Sanskrit Wikipedia is
> online, where scholars like Dwivedi and his colleagues are regular
> contributors. And in Gurgaon, preparations for a new seminar and workshop
> for the young are under way.
> "There is no other language, which is being supported so thoroughly and
> comprehensively, not just in Gurgaon, but in other parts of the country
> too," said Dwivedi. He added that even those who are teaching Sanskrit in
> schools and colleges have little idea about how vibrant this sphere is with
> activity.
> According to officials of the Haryana Sanskrit Academy, young students are
> more than willing to go for language degrees in Sanskrit. "Earlier this
> month the Delhi Sanskrit Academy held a one-day workshop, where hundreds of
> young people turned up. It's only a matter of making the language
> accessible, and Sanskrit will find many takers within no time," said an
> official of the academy. *
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