2012/3/9 Ashwin Baindur <ashwin.bain...@gmail.com>:
> Gerard, that is really very very good news. Hopefully we will see valuable
> heritage texts in Gujarati come into open access. I feel that each Indic
> language community must ask for Wikisource if not already held in that
> language.

Yes, a Wikisource is indeed very important for every language. Many
languages of India have rich literature that can be uploaded,
proofread and disseminated using Wikisource, reigniting the interest
in it.

The Malayalam Wikisource is a very successful project, cooperating
with teachers and students to transcribe and proofread books and
making literature learning fun again. Its first batch of completed
texts was also published on CD. Any language of India can do that.

In fact, you can start writing content for a new Wikisource project
immediately in http://wikisource.org (note that there's no language
code). This is the site for beginning Wikisource projects; once they
have enough content, they get their own domain, as is happening now to

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