2012/3/9 Ashwin Baindur <ashwin.bain...@gmail.com>:
> Awesome! I do hope our Indic language communities take up this golden
> opportnity. What is the amount needed in Kb/documents before one can get
> one's own WikiProject, Amir?

We never measured it, but the bureaucracy is very small.

The focus is on the real work, not on paperwork. If you have a
community of people uploading and proofreading texts and keeping the
software localization complete and up to date, the rest is small

Here's as example from the Gujarati Wikisource:

(In fact, that page is relatively big. Usually a much smaller page is enough.)

The full policy for creating a project in a new language is here:

It would be very useful to get this Language proposal policy page
translated to the major languages of India, like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
and Bengali, so that people who don't know English well would be able
to read it and use it more easily. Anybody can do it by clicking the
"Translate this page" link at the top.

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